These Eco-Friendly Products are Perfect for the Office

Everyone’s actions will cause …

Eco-friendly products., Companies not only have a responsibility to the customer or client, but they have a responsibility to the planet, too.

Most business owners are often too busy to think about their impact on the environment. However, everyone’s actions will cause a reaction on Earth.

For example, the environmental impact of business costs the global economy $4.7 trillion each year.

It honestly doesn’t take much to become more environmentally responsible. Is a fact, the following eco-friendly products have been created for easy integration in the workplace.

Recycled Pencils

Do you have a team of architects who regularly draw designs?

Does your graphic designer create logo sketches onto paper before execution? If so, give your employees the gift of pencils that have been created from recycled paper.

Stapleless Stapler

We know what you are thinking: you need staples for a stapler.

But, what if you don’t?

There is such a thing as a stapleless stapler, which not only negates the need for staples, but it prevents these little pieces of metal ending up in a landfill.

Also, you will never need to look for staples in the office again. What’s not to love?

E-Waste Trash Can

Start depositing your e-waste in a trash can created from e-waste such as crushed fax machines and computers.

In addition to the TerraCycle E-Waste Trash Can utilizing recycled materials that would have ordinarily clogged up landfills. The trash can directly help organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. As they can hold up to 28 quarts.

So, instead of throwing old computer monitors, laptops, copiers or hard drives straight into the bin. We could dispose of them in a trash can that is the personification of eco-responsible behavior.

Hu2 Eco Reminder

How often do you or your employees forget to turn a power socket or light switch off?

We’re guessing quite a lot.

Well, the Hu2 Eco Reminders offer quirky decals that can be positioned around a light switch or power socket, so you or a member of the team remember to turn them off when they are not in use.

Companies can embrace eco friendly

The great thing about the decals is that not only will they help save the planet, but they will help companies can embrace eco-friendly , too.

That’s not all, the unique designs will also add an interesting focal point onto a wall.

So, when a client asks what the decals are for, you can tell them it is one of many eco-friendly products that are allowing your company to become more environmentally responsible.

Tea Infusers

There is always that one rather messy employee who leaves a used teabag on the office kitchen counter.

Well, you can make this disgusting habit a thing of the past in the office with a tea infuser. Rather than unnecessarily wasting tea bags, the tea infuser uses loose leaf tea to make more cups.

It also tastes better and fresher, too. If they’re not big tea drinkers, encourage staff to drink more water and reuse any water bottles.

Companies can embrace eco friendly

There are many ways companies can embrace eco-friendly behaviours. It is simply the business owner’s responsibility to look for an opportunity.

For example; try planting trees outside of the office space, which can absorb some of the carbon dioxide that is believed to be responsible for global warming.

Eco-friendly Products and You

With so many fantastic eco-friendly products available on the market, there is no reason why both you and your employees cannot embark with a greener office environment.


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