Environmental-Friendly Hand Knitting

Taking care of the environment.

Hand knitting is in itself an environment-friendly activity. Although no pollution arises during the production of a hand-knitted item, the materials and equipment used are not always very eco-friendly. Here are some ways in which you can knit whilst taking care of the environment.


Knitting Yarn


Certified Natural wool that has been, as organic provides a good alternative to man made.

As Compare to the mass produced yarn, that has been dyed with various chemicals.

Organic wool comes from the fleeces of sheep on whose grazing land no artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers have been used. In addition, no chemicals are included in the yarn finishing process.

Organic cotton is also available. It is grown without the use of man-made pesticides in soil that has not been chemically treated.

Another environment-friendly alternative to the mass-produced yarns containing man-made fibers is alpaca yarn. Alpaca yarn is spun from the fleeces of alpacas. It comes in a wide range of natural colors and so does not need to be dyed.

Environment-friendly yarn is generally more expensive than yarn produced with the aid of chemicals. If you are unable to afford organic wool or alpaca yarn, why not re-use yarn from an old sweater that you no longer wear or from an inexpensive sweater that you have purchased in a thrift store?

It will take you some time to unravel all the yarn and to wind it into balls but you will be benefiting the environment by saving an old garment from disposal in a landfill site. You will also be re-purposing the unwanted garment by creating something new and beautiful from it.

Knitting Needles

If you are buying new needles, choose bamboo knitting needles. Bamboo is the most eco-friendly material for knitting needles as it is a sustainable resource. Bamboo needles are smooth, light weight, and easy to use.

Since they weigh less than metal needles and are more flexible, they are ideal for use by people who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis and repetitive strain conditions. Crochet hooks made from bamboo are also available.

Alternatively, if you have spare skewers, chopsticks or wooden dowel rods, you may wish to make your own knitting needles. You can use old buttons, balls of clay, or other materials to prevent the stitches from falling off the end of the needles.

Our environment will benefit

If we take the time to make knitting needles. Another eco-friendly way of acquiring knitting needles is to purchase second hand needles from a thrift store or garage sale.

You will save money and protect the environment by ensuring that the unwanted needles do not end up in a landfill site.

Knitting Accessories

Instead of using dressmaking pins to fix the two sides together when sewing up a knitted object, you could make use of environment-friendly bamboo marking pins.

They are much longer than dressmaking pins and so they allow you to secure a much larger area with just one pin. The texture of the bamboo ensures that the pins do not slide out or damage the yarn.

The most environment-friendly way of acquiring a knitting bag is to make your own.

If you also enjoy sewing.  Such as a curtain that you no longer use. Look for instructions and inspiration on the Internet.

Whether you decide to buy new, eco-friendly materials and equipment. Or to re-use and re-purpose discarded items, you will ensure that your hobby has a minimal impact on the environment.

In addition, knitting in a more environment-friendly manner can enable you to develop new creative skills. If, for example, you make your own knitting needles.


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