Five Excellent Ways to Make the Most of the Summer Sun!


Well-designed and practical, tote and mat are a great beach accessory.

In the states, summer is more of a fleeting experience than it is in other countries. So, most folks have learned that in order to enjoy the summer, they need to make the most out of every single minute.  This isn’t easy, however. The heavens could open at any moment and bring the days of summer to an end, which is why most persons are ready to light the barbecues as soon as the sun stays out for more than two consecutive hours!  If you want to know how to make the most of the summer sun, read on.

A Conservatory Hot House

For homes that have the added bonus of a conservatory, the summer fun doesn’t have to end as soon as the clouds appear.  Conservatories make great extensions to the garden, and when viewed as garden rooms can add a different facet to an outdoor event.  Providing that you have one brave soul armed with an umbrella to keep the barbecue dry, your garden room can be your impromptu picnic area.  A conservatory is also great for growing those little packs of seeds that the kids’ love. The sun shining through the glass and the warmth of the room will serve as a glass house for their green fingered projects.

Hit the Beach

seaside-gritGrab a blanket and a bucket and spade and head for the nearest beach.  Bear in mind that the rest of the population will have had the same idea too though.  There is nothing better than fish and chips at the seaside, followed by an ice cream cornet! Everything tastes better at the seaside, it’s a fact.  So, even if you pack a picnic and opt to save some pennies so you can have some fun in the arcades, you will find that the kids’ appetites will leave you with very little to take back home with you.

Have Fun in the Park

Local parks and playgrounds take on a new lease of life when the sun is shining.  Gone are the pools of water that seem to always accumulate at the bottom of the slide. And the muddy patches where the grass has been worn away can be walked on without the fear that your child is going to disappear like an animal caught in quicksand.  It doesn’t take long for a park to be filled with the sound of children’s laughter once the sun starts shining.

Break Out the Paddling Pool

All kids (of all ages) love messing about in water. Even the youngest toddler can have all kinds of fun in a paddling pool (just remember to make sure they are supervised at all times and slathered in sunscreen).  Grab some plastic cups and bowls from the kitchen and pop them in the pool, and watch as they pour the water from container to container.  Toys from the bathroom can also make it into the pool for all kinds of watery fun, and once the kids have gone to bed, you can sit around the pool with your toes in the water and relax with a glass or two of wine.Hit the beach.

Go Doorstep Camping

If you have children that are old enough to play unsupervised they will thoroughly enjoy pitching a tent at the bottom of the garden.  The nights are warmer and being out there in the dark (with a light or two, of course) is a great adventure.  If your children are too young to be left outside alone overnight, then either you or your partner can sleep in there with them.  Just make sure that they have a door key so they can come back in to use the bathroom.


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